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MOMS Club of Akron-West Behavior and Conduct Guidelines

Welcome to the MOMs Club of Akron-West. Please review our rules and regulations surrounding behavior and activity attendance. These guidelines are in place so that everyone in the group can be comfortable and so that issues do not become personal, but simply a matter of following the rules. Below is a list of guidelines that our club has adopted. If you have any additions to the list or a problem with a guideline, please let a member of the Board know.


Please do not attend any MOMS Club functions if your child is sick. This is very important since there are pregnant and nursing mothers and small children. MOMS Club defines sick as: having a fever, vomiting, diarrhea or any other illness in the previous 24 hours. Also considered ill is a person with nasal discharge other than clear. Anyone exposed to ANY communicable disease is considered sick until they are through the incubation period. It is expected that you will use your best judgement when determining whether it is appropriate to attend an activity or playgroup. Please inform a board member if your child is ever diagnosed with an illness and you have recently attended a MOMS Club activity so we can inform moms with kids who may have been exposed.


All parents and children who attend any MOMS Club event at a private location will be up to date with the standard recommended vaccinations as set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As it cannot be guaranteed that other members of the public are following a standard immunization schedule, this policy does not apply to events held at public locations.The health of our families is paramount, and exposure to disease may be of the greatest concern for infants who are yet too young to begin an immunization regimen. Thought here is still a risk of infection for people who have been vaccinated, the greater risk is to those who have not and are very young.


When your child is having a snack, please try to keep the area clean and food off the floors. At our monthly meeting the snack is provided by volunteer Moms. If you bring a beverage and snack for your child to meetings or events, we must ask that you not share your child’s food with other children. Please always check with the mother of the child before offering any food. Some children have strict diets due to religion,health or lifestyle. This may be difficult but we ask for your cooperation. In the end, you are responsible for your own child/children at the meetings and events so please keep your eyes on them at all times.


All houses being used for playgroup should be child proofed for the youngest child attending. All pets (cats and dogs) should be kept outside or in another room away from the group, unless everyone present agrees that the animal may roam about freely.All weapons and sharp objects should be kept out of reach of all children. All firearms and ammunition must be secured in a locked location, i.e. a safe. There should be no smoking while playgroups are going on. Remember that at all times you are responsible for the safety of your children. If you are uncomfortable about the safety at ANY MOMS Club event, please voice your concerns to the hostess or a board member so we can attempt to mend the problem for future activities.


-For the children•We all need to remember to focus on the behavior and not on the individual.•Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children at all times. Neither this MOMS Club chapter nor the International MOMS Club Corporation is responsible for the actions or safety of any children or adults at any time.•Each mother is responsible for her own child’s behavior. We have to remember that there is no right or wrong way of parenting; we are not to judge each other.

AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIORS include, but are not limited to, purposeful and deliberate:•hair pulling•hitting•kicking•wrestling (with intent to harm, not just consenting rough play that is typical)•hitting with objects•scratching•destroying property•punching•pushing•slapping•screaming•inappropriate language If any of these behaviors occur, then the mother should remove her child from the area.After a short bit of time, this child can resume the activity. If after the original incident,this behavior does not cease then the child and mother shall leave for the day. If the child is consistently having behavioral problems that have warranted removal from several activities (3 or more times removed from an activity), the mother may be asked to refrain from attending events until the child’s aggressive or anti-social behavior is under control.

UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR•biting•spitting at a person•urinating (purposely) in public - exceptions allowed for children in potty training stages. If any of these behaviors OCCUR then that mother and child will leave for the day. If a child ATTEMPTS any of these behaviors, then that child should be removed briefly from the area by his/her mother. If another attempt is made then the child and mother will leave for the day. If three episodes of any of the above behaviors occur then membership may be terminated at the executive board’s discretion. Our goal is to be a safe place for our children to play and socialize.

CODE OF CONDUCT - For the moms The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish guidelines for members at all MOMS Club functions or when interacting with other members. It will allow for the termination of their membership if they violate the guidelines established and set forth herein. The final decision will rest with the Executive Board (by majority vote).•No member shall use obscene or abusive verbal language directed toward any other member of the club, their child/children, or with outsiders while at a MOMS club event or conducting MOMS club business (advertisers, business owners, other people present at public place events, etc).•No member shall use physical or obscene gestures toward any other member of the club, their child/children, or with outsiders while at a MOMS club event or conducting MOMS club business (advertisers, business owners, other people present at public place events, etc).•Members shall refrain from malicious gossip or harassment regarding other members of the club in person, via phone, e-mail, or social media.•All members shall be considerate and respectful of other members and their property.•Members shall not misuse the MOMS Club roster or ANY of its contents (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, street addresses, etc) for home based businesses,solicitation, divulging or selling information, etc. The roster and directions to members’ homes are only to be given to dues paying members.•Members are responsible for reimbursing the MOMS Club for bank service charge fees related to bounced checks or insufficient funds for dues or any other monies they owe the MOMS club.•Members shall abide by the Bylaws as set forth by the International MOMS Club.Actions by the board may be taken against any Member who violates the Code of Conduct. The Executive Board makes the final decision about whether a specific act or behavior is, in fact, a violation of any part of this code of conduct. The actions that can betaken include:1. First Offense - Verbal Warning 2. Second Offense - Written Warning 3. Third Offense - Termination of membership. Her dues will be forfeited.The Code of Conduct for the “children” and “Moms” may be modified as needed by a majority vote of the club. All members will be notified of any such changes. We hope we never run into situations like those listed; but, for our member and children’s protection,we prefer to have this code in place. All actions taken against a member will be the joint decision (by majority vote) of the executive board of the club, not just one officer or one member.While we know this policy cannot be all encompassing, please note the unanimous decision of the board can be used to revoke membership or skip steps in the aforementioned process at any time (without warning) given a severe, unforeseen circumstance.An appeals process exists for individuals who feel their membership has been unfairly terminated. Please contact the president for a copy of the appeal process application.Members choosing to appeal will be notified, via certified mail, of the date the board will meet to discuss and vote on the appeal. The member is encouraged to attend this meeting.A majority vote decision by the executive board is required to deny the appeal.Many Thanks,Your Executive Board, MOMS Club - Akron West 12 Jan 2014 MOMS Club of Akron-West

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